Board of Visitors:



Committee Assignments for 2016-2017:

Academic Affairs Committee

Tom Ryan, Committee Chair

Deborah Petrine

Greta Harris

Tara Reel, Graduate Student Representative


Buildings and Grounds Committee

Mike Quillen, Committee Chair

Steve Sturgis

Jeff Veatch


Finance and Audit Committee


Dennis Treacy, Committee Chair

C. T. Hill

Wayne Robinson

Horacio Valeiras


Research Committee

Mehmood Kazmi, Committee Chair

Steve Sturgis

Horacio Valeiras

Jeff Veatch


Student Affairs and Athletics Committee

Mehul Sanghani, Committee Chair

Mehmood Kazmi

Chris Petersen

Gabe Cohen, Undergraduate Student Representative


Executive Committee (6 members)

Jim Chapman, Rector

Dennis Treacy, Vice Rector, Finance & Audit Committee Chair

Tom Ryan, Academic Affairs Committee Chair

Mike Quillen, Buildings & Grounds Committee Chair

Mehmood Kazmi, Research Committee Chair

Mehul Sanghani, Student Affairs & Athletics Committee Chair

Deborah Petrine, Immediate Past Rector will serve as a non-voting advisor



The Rector is an ex officio member of all standing and special committees.

Faculty Senate President, Dr. Monty Abbas and Staff Senate President, Mr. Alex Parrish, will sit in on the committee meetings of their choice.

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