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Dr. Harvey Black


Harvey Black served on the board of visitors from 1872 to 1876 and was rector from 1872 to 1875.

Black served as one of Lt. Gen. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson's surgeons, and participated in the amputation of the general's arm following the battle of Chancellorsville. Following the war, Black, served as president of the board of trustees of the Preston and Olin Institute and was among those influencing the decision to locate the new land grant institution that would become Virginia Tech in Blacksburg.

The first board of visitors of the fledgling institution was named by Gov. Gilbert Walker in 1872, taking office immediately. Among the members of the board were Black, who became the first Rector of the board; Joseph R. Anderson; William A. Stuart of Smythe and Wythe counties; John Penn of Patrick County; William T. Sutherlin, a native of Danville; Joseph Cloyd of Pulaski County; and Lewis E. Harvie, of Amelia County.

(From "Confederates in the Collegium: The Influence of J.E.B. Stuart's Leadership on the Development of Virginia Tech")