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Harvey Black, M.D.
His Excellency, G. C. Walker, Governor of Virginia
Hon. J. C. Taylor, Attorney General
Rev. W. H. Ruffner, D. D., Sup't of Public Instruction
Gen. W. H. F. Lee, President State Agricultural Society
Appointed by the Governor for Three Years
Gen. J. R. Anderson, Richmond
Hon. John Goode, Jr., Norfolk
Col. John E. Penn, Patrick
Appointed by the Governor for Two Years
Robert Beverley, Esq. Fauquier
W. A. Stuart, Esq. Smythe
E. M. Tidball, Esq. Frederick
Appointed by the Governor for One Year
Harvey Black, M.D., Montgomery
Hon. D. C. DeJarnette, Caroline
Maj. W.T. Sutherlin, Pittsylvania
V. E. Shepherd