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2021-2022 full board members photo

Front Row (left to right): Charles T. "C. T." Hill, L. Chris Petersen, Timothy D. Sands - President, Letitia A. Long - Rector, Sharon Brickhouse Martin

Middle Row (left to right): Preston M. White, Paolo Fermin - Undergraduate Student Representative, Serena Young - Staff Representative, Robert Weiss - Faculty Representative, Carrie H. Chenery, Kim O'Rourke - Secretary

Back Row (left to right): Shelley Butler Barlow, Greta J. Harris, Horacio A. Valeiras, Phil Miskovic - Graduate Student Representative, Melissa B. Nelson

Not Pictured: Edward H. "Ed" Baine - Vice Rector, Anna L. James, Mehul P. Sanghani, Jeffrey E. Veatch

Christina Franusich photo